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#99 Dignity...

When our strong and fiercly independent patient was rushed to hospital, she was in the midst of dying her hair. The dye had not been rinsed out, and she felt quite self-conscious. Our patient had always taken great pride in her appearance, and her unfinished hair upset her, thinking of the many visitors she expected to receive at hospice.   


A wish application was submitted on her behalf, and the Wish Team got busy trying to find a stylist who could come with very little notice.  


Luckily Krista, of Love/Hate Salon in Stayner stepped forward. Krista came to Hospice immediately and together they made a plan to fix her hair. There was a proper shampoo, scalp massage, conditioning treatment, a trim, as well as her hair set in rollers. Krista dropped everything to come quickly to make this happen, donating her time and her talents.  


Dignity at end of life is one of the pillars of quality palliative care, and making sure you have a nicely coifed hairdo aligns perfectly with this mission!  


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