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#97 Hope Springs Eternal...

With the hope of Spring comes thoughts and wishes for the summer.  In the town of Shelburne hope and wishes for a Grade 8 Graduation ceremony started early. 

The Principal and Teachers at Hyland Heights Elementary School knew right away what they wanted to do for a special student of theirs and for the Desar family in the face of some recent news they had received. The school got straight to work in planning an impromptu Grade 8 Graduation for Ava in order that her Mother Amy could have her wish - the opportunity to watch her daughter graduate. Hyland Heights knew who they could reach out to for the help they needed to complete this heartfelt wish, and they called on The Living Wish Foundation.  

Most Graduation Ceremony’s aren’t held when the snow is falling but this special occasion was still filled with warm sunny sentiments and tears that flowed warming each heart that attended the beautiful ceremony.  Due to the strong team effort from all those involved, this incredible wish came to fruition for a very special Family!

To Ava we all wish you the best moving on to your Highschool years and to Amy, we thank you for trusting us.


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