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#100 A Life Well Lived...

Diane was a woman who was not afraid to live her best life, and when faced with the end, she accepted her fate, feeling her story was a happy one.  


Diane’s final days were spent surrounded by loved ones, laughter, tears and a generous splash of cabernet sauvignon. Diane planned her own Celebration of Life, which she attended joyfully. The Living Wish Foundation stepped in to help her get party ready with the help of volunteer hairstylist Krista we styled Diane’s hair and topped it off with a crystal tiara Diane purchased especially for the occasion. Her final night was spent with her best girlfriends by her side, indulging on gourmet cupcakes, sparkling water, and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Diane reminded us that life is about the little things in the end. Good food, good friends, and a good belly laugh. She was a woman who really knew how to live, right until the end.  

Thank you for the generous help of Krista Taylor, owner of Love/Hate Salon in Stayner for donating her time and talents, and Moments to Savour Events in New Lowell for donating your delicious cupcakes.


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