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41. If only to see your face, hear your voice...

Updated: Feb 12

Every person is a living library full of stories and information. Simply put, a legacy video is a short personal documentary made to highlight a loved one's stories. Not only does this act as a device that family and friends can use to aide in the grieving process, but it also helps to preserve the legacy of an individual approaching end of life. Thanks to Brian Hunt, we have a family that has a beautiful legacy video to cherish forever connecting them with their loved one.

A person’s life stories are some of the most valuable things they have to pass on after death. Experience has taught us, there are a few things most people want at the end of life:

· To be remembered

· To pass down life experiences and beliefs

· To know that their life mattered

Much like a Life Journal, a legacy video offers a tactile and easily viewable way to fulfill each of these desires. While grieving, families can both take solace in the fact that they helped fulfill their loved ones wish at end of life.


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