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75. Fly Plane...

Updated: Feb 12

Tim Butler was diagnosed with cancer, but he was not about to let that get in the way of living while he is dying. His visiting nurse recognized this infectious spirit and reached out to us to help him get “up in the air” one more time.

Mr Butler being very familiar with planes, and flying as he worked out of the U.S. as a flight nurse for many many years. Tim also had his pilots license himself. To say he beyond excited to has us involved in his care, would be an absolute understatement. From the first conversation to the final conversation with Tim, everyone was drawn in and in absolute awe of such spirit. Tim had seen some hard times and really needed something to look forward to. And, when we talk about the ripple effect of the work we do, can we just talk about how many people were touched by this wish. His visiting nurse, got this off the ground, his care team whom cheered him on the entire time. The Hospice driver from Matthew’s hospice whom pitched in to get Tim to the airport, all the crew at the runway, the pilot whom experienced Tim’s absolute JOY, and of course lets not forget Sam our Nurse whom really made this all happen for Tim. Jonah, with the Brian Hunt Visual team whom helped capture all those moments in time from ground level.

But, that’s not all that happened for Tim, he also was privy to the use of our Go Pro, which recorded via SD card that was then installed on his computer by again, our very own Sam.

Also, in Tim’s eyes, that was yet the icing on the cake as he actually said “Every night I lie down and close my eyes, I relive that flight, now I can watch it from morning to night”. For Tim that footage is now sustaining his days as they do become more and more precious as time moves forward for him.


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