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49. Dorothy's Legacy...

Updated: Feb 12

Dorothy had such a rich desire to share her deep rooted love of her grandchildren, but, coloring, organizing social events, and her many other hobbies seemed to be pulling her away from getting words to paper. With the help of our dedicated volunteer Barb, Dorothy was able to capture and commit to paper, the impact these little people have made on her life. This has been a project she has been wanting to complete for a number of years, when disease stepped in, it did reframe Dorothy’s hope. Dorothy decided to reframe it again, into something she now holds as precious parchment.

Legacy is about impact, it is about the richness of the individual's life, including what that person accomplished and the impact he or she had on people and places. Ultimately, the story of a person's life reflects the individual's legacy. Dorothy’s legacy is her beautiful Grandchildren.


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