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61. Buon Appetito!

Updated: Feb 12

A Family Sunday Dinner, was this something that was a tradition in your home? Or held a special meaning to you?

For A, it meant absolutely everything. Being the matriarch of her Italian family, food and family is what is most important to her. She said that the kitchen and dinner table is where everything in her family's life happened, all the happy times, stories, worries, tears, problems ect. It all happened around the table over home cooked meals and togetherness.

A wanted to experience this once more. She wanted to be able to be in her kitchen in her home, supervising meal prep, sitting around he table with her family and enjoying a meal together. So......we helped her do just that.

Our amazing team worked together to transport A home for a Sunday meal and she was so excited and grateful.

A's favorite thing in life outside family was the beach, and we were even able to swing by the beach on our way so she could see the sand, water and waves. Smell the beach air.

A had the best time on her wish, her heart and belly were both full on our drive back and we couldn't ask for anything better!


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