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47. The Story of You...

Updated: Feb 12

Preserving the important events and people in our lives allows us to form a healing narrative when grief has washed away some of the color. Each photo can be a small piece of a jigsaw that completes the larger picture. J had a deep desire to record a personal story of L.

Reflective of the life and relationships as the wee spark within their family. When developing a visual language for some of the most difficult emotions, our photographers at The Living Wish Foundation record events and tell stories through images. Scenes from a loved one’s final days can be moving and meaningful as was with L, capturing last moments as gentle and serene states. These photos tell a story of a super cherished little girl, sharing what she found both beautiful and interesting.

This family has the gift of a timeline of L’s life, filled with faces and places that she loved, they are her story, her record, a powerful force.


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