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37. The Last Hurrah...

Updated: Feb 12

His swing would make most of us quit the game!

He lives life big and openly states he knows he is dying, the problem is, as Mr. also states, “I am not done living” and neither were his decade old golfing friends. Land nor sea could separate this group as they swarmed from coast to coast, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Florida to celebrate “The Last Hurrah”, as he coined it!

Although he is no long able to share his third straight double, all golf games require a cart chauffeur (The mayor of the trip). So, in keeping with his wish, he hit the road joining his pals for a day of golf. No golf trip would ever be complete with out the sharing of food and drink.

On a good day, he would have the menu planned and his propane tank full. Lacking stamina after a long day of pro-ing, Mr., with the help of the Beaver and Bulldog, entertained his guests with a classic pub style dinner.

As it ends up, we are sure we heard the story right “He’ll chip in or make a putt longer than 25 feet at least once per round, but those buddies still won't complain if they are on the same team!


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