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51. Soaring With The Eagles...

Updated: Feb 12

Wildlife photography offers any person the chance to marvel at the never-ending beauty of all kinds of animal species. Doug was no different, he loved the fact that we share our planet with millions of different animal species.
Doug had photographed many birds of prey and wished to get one last photo shoot in. Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and we at The Living Wish Foundation through those balls right back. When Doug was not able to make the trip to Port Perry, we were very lucky to contact Speaking of Animals, who brought the show to Doug. They shared a ground hog, painted and snapping turtles as well as a red-tailed hawk and an American Kestrel. We all listened intently for the excited series of 3-6 Klee or Killy notes which last just over a few seconds. Typically, this call would expose the bird to their predator, today, the notes were friendlier as the birds shared space at Hospice Georgian Triangle. Doug, family, and friends were able to experience softer singing notes today.


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