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71. Lets Go Blue Jays Lets Go!

Updated: Feb 12

When the Blue Jays are EVERYTHING to EVERYONE!!. Despite a life limiting illness Kim has a history of looking on the bright side, well the lights were bright last night as Kim and her family made their way down the 400 in style, via limo service. No stress for this family, just pure JOY. Kim has been a fan for many years and chose The Blue Jays...The Jays have a history of recognizing that a gap exists in marginalized communities across Canada and also are aware that many step up to the plate with two strikes against them... They help level the playing field by bringing life-changing play-based programming to the kids who need it most. No wonder they LOVED to see Kim in the stands when they saw her fabulous sign, they too became aware of the work The Living Wish Foundation does, leveling the playing field as well, to aid our marginalized palliative population. Everyone won last evening.


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