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79. Joy Ride...

Updated: Feb 12

“It’s just a car…” Peters wife, ThaiLyn began, “but it’s really the camaraderie and the community that this car has brought into our life that makes it so great”.

Peter came to us with a wish to take his Corvette out for a spin on a loop down through the Beaver Valley and up across the Blue Mountains. The wish was brought to life with the help of family, friends and volunteers as Peter and ThaiLyn got into their Velocity yellow Corvette Grand Sport, called, “Powered by Cole” and set off along the route. With a friend leading the way and a whole convoy of beloved friends and family following behind them, they weaved their way through the changing fall leaves, down valley roads and along bridges over glistening waters. On this day, Peters car donned a new license plate that read, “The Kraken”, making reference to a favourite drink of Kraken and Coke.

Peter’s story is proof that this yellow corvette is so much than just a car; on this day and in the seats of this beautiful car, Peter and ThaiLyn felt the spark of when they first starting dating, a feeling they hadn’t felt in years. Peters story is one of love, friendship and time spent together.


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