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50. Into The Sunshine...

Updated: Feb 12

“I can’t believe it is true”, Walter (Doug), has been living inside his four walls due to lack of mobility, and shortness of breathe. Even the slightest exertion causes an increase in this shortness of breath, making him unable to walk for even a few feet. During an appointment with his visiting nurse, Doug was reflecting on his latest news from his doctor, sharing his knowledge of limited time, while focusing on a stream of sunshine patterning his floor, Walter expressed a longing to get outside, to feel the sun, sand, wind, rain, hail, ….anything God wants to throw at him, he wants it all, as long as it is OUTSIDE!!.

With the help and generosity of community members, and our volunteers, Walter has a treasure. Walter repeatedly stated, “I did not dare to think it could be”, “I just can’t believe it”. Doug now has a treasure he refers to as his baby. The lend of The Living Wish Scooter is his baby. We will all be sure to welcome Doug out into the sunshine. If you see him pass by, remember to comment on what a beautiful baby he has.

Follow this link to see the wish on video...


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