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48. Important Conversations...

Updated: Feb 12

Susan was diagnosed with an illness that does cause limitations on her life. In communication it became crystal clear that being together as a family was the most important thing in the world for her. During a visit from her daughter, who lives many miles away, Susan requested time alone with her son and daughter in an atmosphere that would carry their worries away in the wind. Susan requested a spa day.

Blue Mountain's Iwa Spa fit the bill. A beautiful massage and pedicure provided by their skilled staff in a relaxing Japanese setting with volcanic rock sauna created the opportunity for them to have important family discussions.

Research tells us children are more likely to open up to you if you’re spending quality time together away from your normal routines. Maybe they have questions they want answered or are having troubles and seek your advice. Spending time together could be all the encouragement they need to ask you a tough question they have been pondering on or open up about an issue that is troubling them.


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