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46. Hunter's Wish

Updated: Feb 12

There is no better way to observe the life cycle of an animal and gain real life experience than having a pet to interact with and learn from. This was just what happened at Hunters House.

Thanks to Hunter's love of all living creatures, and the Zoo To You Conservation Ambassadors, Hunter was able to have several very special visitors at home this week. A bearded dragon was one with spiny skin under his throat that made him seem tough but in reality, he had many things in common with Hunter herself including that wee bit of fragility. Hunter knew very well, NOT to hang this fellow by the tail. Relating to the need of an anchor for balance, Hunter’s brain tumour has caused her challenges with balance, so keeping the tail on this fellow, was super important to her. Also, like Hunter, the dragon, unlike some lizards, is not able to grow a new tail.

The icing on the cake tonight, was the warm, but gentle hug shared between Hunter’s nurse Tricia and that big yellow "Albino" Burmese Python.


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