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92. Good friends, grass skirts and a dash of Christmas Magic...

Updated: Feb 12

Twas the day of Sandy’s party and all through the house… there was chatter, and decorating, and palm trees lit with lights! Sandy’s wish was to bring her friends together to celebrate, to embrace, to dance, and to simply be with one another. Her wish not only did that, but it brought laughter, fun and a certain lightness to a difficult time as she, along with her friends and family donned their grass skirts, with coconut drinks in hand and leis around their neck for a special holiday season Luau! As the woman of honour, Sandy wore a tiara and though it glittered bright, it was not quiet as bright as her smile as she witnessed the joy, love and laughter that was filling the house.

The take away here is that there is such joy in togetherness and Sandy has reminded us all of this lesson; a lesson that will not soon be forgotten.

Thank-you Sandy.

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