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42. Beauty Inside and Out...

Updated: Feb 12

"As a woman, your hair may not define you but it does set you apart. Our wish recipient shared “I’ve always had long hair and I started to mourn that even before it was gone”.

Finding a wig is an extremely hard process, especially not knowing where to begin. Your hair symbolises femininity, health and personality and can tell people a lot about you. After all, our hair is the crown we never take off. We really love our community partners who help us with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer.

K is familiar with diagnosis and wanted to do something to help someone affected by cancer. The magic happened in the back “wig room” where C was treated like a queen. Getting her custom wig styled and trimmed was a day like no other.

Press Release- “A blonde bomb shell has been spotted, leaving Remedy Medica!" K shared that when a client gets a new wig or cap, it makes a visible difference in how they look and how they feel. The energy changes in the room!! This hope is very simple “if you feel better, you’ll do better,” she said. Thank-you Remedy Medica for this beautiful wish.


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