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91. Backyard Bash...

Updated: Feb 12

Weather planning themes or activities, creating a cozy atmosphere for company or working on food and beverage orders, Mr. Baxter loves all things related to entertaining so it was no surprise that he would wish for a back yard bash with 22 of his closest friends and relatives.

What he did not wish for was that his wife would be taken from his side as she party planned and executed the event. In steps... The Living Wish Foundation Dream Team..., and outsteps Mr. & Mrs. Baxter, hand in hand, they laughed together, they held hands, they danced together, they held hands, they socialized, they held hands, all afternoon.

And Mrs. Baxter was never once called away from her husband’s side. All party planning and execution was The Living Wish Foundation. Food was ordered, plated and served as well as the clean up all completed by, while this lovely couple danced on into the night to “I’ve had the time of my life” !!

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