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45. A Day at the Casino...

Updated: Feb 12

Our patient, her daughter and granddaughter would go to the casino together and they always had fun, win or loose. Just being together was a big enough win. When the nurse visited, she asked if there was anything our patient wanted to do before she died and she immediately perked up and said yes she would love to go to the casino one last time. The next thing our patient knew, the adventure was in the works. Her granddaughter knew right away that she had to fly home and share this adventure with her mom and grandmother. The ladies at Paradise Shores got her dressed up, had her hair done and gave the family a lesson on changing the oxygen tanks. They were so wonderful. The group were picked up by Brian Gibb (Go With Gibb). He was amazing, so gentle with our patient and he took great care of her, he fit in just like family……Brian got her into the casino and when our patient saw the lights flashing, they all knew this was the right thing to do. The three of them were like Curly, Larry and Moe. The family were not professional caregivers but they wanted to do this part themselves. The more things went wrong, the more they laughed. It seamed they were laughing all day. They told us that they were laughing so hard, none of them could move. They just huddled together in a big hug laughing. This was how the whole day went. The family bought her balloons for her wheelchair so people were coming up to her all day wishing her a happy birthday and they had a great lunch together before heading back to the machines for a bit longer. They did not win but tell us they sure felt like they did! When they were getting ready to leave for home, our patient said she could last a few more hours! She was very tired but didn’t want it to end. When they got her back to Paradise Shores, she was very tired but so very happy. This special day could not have happened without our amazing team of volunteers, Brian, and the wonderful ladies at Paradise Shores. What a team.


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