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# 103 Butterfly Garden

On a sunny morning in May, an urgent Wish Application came in for a patient at Hospice. The wish was to transport our patient to the family cottage one last time and place her in her favourite lounger facing the lake. She envisioned a butterfly release, grandkids all around, with live music.  


Our dedicated team sprang into action. When we realized that our patient might not have the time or ability to make it all the way to the cottage, the wish had to be adapted. Our wish coordinators engaged in a thoughtful discussion with our community partners at Hospice Simcoe, as well as our patient and her family, to identify the most crucial elements of the wish. For our patient, the presence of family, the warmth of the sun, the sounds of music… and, of course, the butterflies, which held a special place in their hearts, were the most important.


Our wish team quickly collaborated with the clinical team at Hospice Simcoe, and together, we orchestrated a memorable evening on the patio, bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun. A beautiful butterfly video played in the background, creating a serene atmosphere. Garrett, a talented musician, swiftly learned the patient’s favourite song, “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”. As Garrett played the familiar tune, the grandkids joyfully danced around the patio. To everyone's delight, real butterflies were even spotted fluttering around the gardens during the evening!  


Sometimes, finding what is truly meaningful, realistic, and safe for our patients takes a bit of grace. Today was a great example of that. Ultimately, with some fancy footwork and our team springing into action, we could deliver what was truly important… a family together.  


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