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Cal Patterson


Cal Patterson's commitment to the Living Wish Foundation as one of our very first board members was very much welcomed. The breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience was invaluable to the success of South Georgian Bay’s newest not for profit organization. 

In 2020, we awarded Cal with the "Cal Patterson Outstanding Achievement Award" for going above and beyond to help others. 

On August 4, 2021 Cal's family, friends, The Living Wish Foundation, and the entire community lost a great man...

Cal was instrumental in getting us off our feet in the early days. His calm, quiet demeanour somehow always managed to steer us in the right direction. Cal was the type of person that always went above and beyond for everyone and he was the first one to roll up his sleeves when it was time to grant a wish. 

We are thankful for his friendship and support and the time we spent together leaves us nothing but gratitude.

We have decided, with permission from his family, to re-name our annual Living Wish Women's Hockey Tournament to the Southern Georgian Bay Cal Patterson Memorial Hockey Tournament in his honour. 

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